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May 21 to June 3
Reception: Saturday, May 21, 6 to 9p

Conversations with the Artists

When: Wednesday, June 1, 7p

Where: Gallery 825

Admission: Free

A special juried group exhibition that offers LAAA artists an opportunity to create original collaborative works of art (all media accepted) with another randomly selected LAAA artist.

Participating artists:
Rob Grad v. Jennifer Dozier, Debbie Carlson v. Ada Ihmels, Andrea Kichaven v. Kate Hungerford, Olesya Volk v. David Valentine, Brenda Welsh v. Anne Hieronymus, Barbara Romain v. Karen Clark, Stef Bauer v. K Ryan Henisey, Malka Nedivi v. Amy Fox, Geoffrey E Levitt v. Seda Saar, Carl Shubs v. Frederika Roeder, Debe Arlook v. Stephanie Sydney, Karen Luckett v. Carlos Grasso, Susan Melly v. Jeremie Riggleman, Shalla Javid v. Sheri Neva, Amy Kanka Valdarsky v. Debi Cable, Jane Szabo v. Marlene Yamada, Lori Pond v. Krista Marlene, Gina M. v. Charles Magallanes, Annie Seaton v. Vivian Chen, Ann Marie Rousseau v. Sylvia Gallini, Barbara Nathanson v. Faina Kumpan, Marthe Aponte v. Maria Bjorkdahl, Bibi Davidson v. Annie Clavel, Aazam Irilian v. Phillip Vaughan, Chenhung Chen v. Snezana Petrovic, Adam Nisenson v. Gianna Vargas, Joanne Chase-Mattillo v. Billy Pacak, L. Aviva Diamond v. Livio Stabile, Chuka Susan Chesney v. Susan C Price, Liz Duer v. Teresa Lakier, Helen Berger v. Andree B. Carter, Dwora Fried v. Skye Amber Sweet, Ken Weingart v. Young Summers, Joshua Levine v. Neal Taylor

Los Angeles Art Association (LAAA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization committed to championing creativity and innovation by supporting, nurturing and developing emerging artists.

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6/10 to 6/17
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Non Sequitur
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